Wednesday, November 23, 2011

La Rentrée

"Here in France, early September is known as la rentrée, and it’s a Big Deal. It’s when everything picks up again after the two month break that is summer holiday season – and as the French like to holiday en masse in July and August, it makes it well nigh impossible to get anything done until September. So now we’re all getting back to work, the children are going back to school with smart hair cuts, shiny shoes and new satchels..." --The Languedoc Review
La rentrée is not just for the French. La rentrée right here in NYC kicked my butt this fall. I have spent the last two months in back-to-school mode, all the way through midterms and one of the busiest seasons at work. I have no energy to blog or read or think or do anything besides sit on my couch and lazily flip through magazines on my days off from work when I found myself without a school project/paper/reading assignment to do.

And now that it's almost Thanksgiving, which leads to the holiday slide into my birthday, Christmas, and New Year's Eve, before January (another heinously busy time in the publishing world), I think it's about time I re-enter the blogosphere.

Because I freaking love the holidays. And I need to share these things with others.

My parents will be arriving at my teensy-tiny NYC apartment in about 20 minutes, and everything is sparkling clean, the fridge is packed, and the world's naughtiest kitties are currently taking a nap. It's just me and my parents for Thanksgiving this year, but I am so excited! It should be terribly relaxing for once, since I've left our schedules pretty wide open for food, shopping, and napping this weekend.

[the packed fridge - note, most importantly, packed with wine, cheese, turkey, and Snickers icebox pie from Magnolia]

I'm more than ready for a little holiday cheer. Operation Thanksgiving Dinner in the World's Smallest Kitchen 2.0 is a go!

[Hammie can't figure out what these lights are for]


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