Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday's five things: Back to school edition.

I started my fall classes on Wednesday. I have class on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. I am so close to being done! After my two classes this semester, I only have my capstone [!] left. I can't believe it! I am 9 months away from having my Master's!

[Iced coffee + whole wheat everything bagel with light lox spread... so I can pretend it's healthy]

I got home early, early Tuesday morning and have been exhausted all week, but somehow managed to drag myself out of bed this morning to stop by H&H Midtown Bagels, a guaranteed good start to my day.

[Bracelets by Jessica Simpson, Betsey Johnson, and Fossil, all from Macy's. Watch by Michael Kors]

My mom bought me these three bracelets this past weekend. I'm finally taking part in the stacking bracelets trend... I loved wearing them to work/class this week because I seriously jingle the whole day with the Betsey Johnson charms. It reminds me of how much fun I had this weekend! And how much I love it when my mom buys me nice little treats...

[Hammie loves helping with my photos]

The kitties were happy to see me after the long weekend. I'm looking forward to spending some time with them tomorrow and Sunday. I need some down time, and they need some Mommy time.

[My new desk]

This was actually my cheap desk from Amazon, but my wonderful Martha Stewart of an Aunt Diane took it home, sanded, and stained it for me. She dropped it off in my apartment while I was gone, so I came home to find this beautiful surprise waiting for me. Now this weekend I need to reorganize all the junk that goes in/on my desk...

Finally, this one is self-explanatory. After hurricanes and storms, then crappy weather all this week, it is finally nice out. And I'm going out tonight in this lovely nice weather!

TGIF, everyone! Enjoy this beautiful evening!


  1. I love how your pets play a part in your photos... mine come into my photos sometimes =)

    <3 J

  2. 1. i love your bracelets 1. your cat is adorable and 3. while i love that desk...i noticed that great "a" "headboard" in the background...that is amazing!

  3. Great bracelets!